My Little Music Archive

Got the urge to update things. I added a bunch more music, deleted some music, and fixed a buttload of tags and organizational issues. 

There’s a chance of a couple duplicates. Let me know if you find any.

Oh, and please help seed! I’m home for the summer, and my internet speed has gone from the fastest in the US to… well still above average, but I can’t sustain 10 MB/s upload speeds anymore.

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It’s about as done as it’s going to be. So have at it!


This is no longer a “best of pony music” archive meant to collect music with the intention to share. This is now simply my personal pony music collection. I share it with you because I know there are some people who don’t have the time to sort through music, and enjoy the music I select. My criteria was “music I’d actually listen to.” As such, some really well done songs were cut because I would never actually listen to them. 

That said, you may notice the addition of a “Butt Music” folder. That is a folder for songs that I want to keep, but don’t want to come up on shuffle. 

If there’s a song I’m missing that is over a year old, I probably intentionally don’t have it. If it’s newer than that, then there is a very good chance I missed it, and you should send a link my way. 

I haven’t decided if I’ll be doing any more updates. I’ll get back to you on that.

See a poorly formatted file list here.

No .rar downloads, sorry!

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Also: there’s some non-free music here. If you see some of yours and would like it removed, message me.


So this whole Boston terrorist bombing thing is kind of slowing me down, seeing as I’m at MIT. 

Everything was shut down, and we just spent the last 2 days playing board games and cooking together.


I’m really close to getting the update out. I have one big hurdle left, and unfortunately it’s a hard one: the “Limbo” folder. 

The Limbo folder is a folder for all the songs that I was really on the fence of. Songs that were okay, but I wasn’t sure I’d ever really listen to them. One problem I constantly have is that my opinion of songs changes from day to day, especially with my mood. Sometimes everything that has pony in the name is the best thing ever, and other times if it’s not on par with professionally produced music I want none of it. Also, as the bar is constantly raised, older stuff looks worse and worse.

Regardless, it’s the last 1.5 GB that stands between me and packing it up to ship.


Good News

I’m entering the final phases of sorting my music! The two big tasks left are determining the final organization scheme, and combing through two more (large) unsorted folders.

Organizing won’t be too bad, but I have to decide what to do with stuff like remixes, where I have the remixer in the song title, not the artist tag. In most cases I think just sorting by artist will be fine, but there are some times (such as cross-genre covers) where I think having the remix be in the remixer’s folder makes more sense. I think I may just manually sort every song with “remix” or “cover” in it’s name.

If it wasn’t clear already, this is turning into a “music I like torrent” rather than an attempt to collect music with others in mind. I know it narrows my audience, but it makes life 100x easier for me, because now I only have to manage my own music library.

Sad decision

Mando Pony is really really talented. However, I will literally never listen to his music. Striking (most of) his work from my library.

Jesse Carlson does a ska cover of “It’ll Be Ok” from Friendship is Witchcraft. I honestly like this better than the original, but that may be because I wasn’t really a fan of the original.

More ska from Jesse Carlson.